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Decocadeau is from March 10, 2010 the online glass store with a glass and crystal collection from the period 1910 to 1970. From Art Deco to the Retro Period and the Vintage Style. From the Art Deco period 1910 to 1939 in our assortment, various items of blown and pressed glass from Czech Bohemia, East Germany, France and Belgium. With items from Wilhelm Kralik, Franz Welz, Walther glass and Luxval press glass. Also in the collection the Belgian Boom and Doyen glass, mostly from the period 1930 to 1959. Beautiful Booms vases, bonbon bowls and some liqueursets ... all this with beautiful decors. The Doyen glass is known for its optically blown vases from the Floralie series and the items of hyalite glass with or without pewter fittings decorated or hand painted. The vintage glass, 1950 to 1970. Consists of Italian Murano glass, Malta glass, Scandinavian glass and Bohemian crystal glass of Josef Hospodka, Miloslav Klinger, Egermann, Frantisek Zemek. The Retro Glass consists mainly of Italian Florence opaline glass. All the webshop vases and scales shown are grouped in the categories - Vases Collection - and - Bowls Collection -. The entire assortment is available directly from our stock