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Decocadeau is an online store with a glass and crystal collection from the period 1900 to 1970.From Art Deco to the period Retro and Vintage Style.Out the Art Deco period 1910 until 1939 are available in the range include various items of blown glass and pressed glass.During the economic crisis of the 30s due to the low cost of production was produced by many glass factories pressed glass.Affordable pressed glass items that were popular at that time a solution for the consumer because they could afford it. Watch this Art Deco pressed glass items. Also in the collection of the Belgian Boom glass. Mostly from the period 1935 to 1950, including fine vases, bonbon bowls and some liqueur sets. Hyaliet mostly of glass with beautiful sceneries.Then the Belgian Doyen glass confesses his optically blown vases from the Floralie series. Vintage glass, 1950 t/m 1970, Consists of Italian Murano glass, crystal glass Val Saint Lambert, Bohemian crystal glass Josef Hospodka and Egermann. And currently some items Scandinavian glass. All shown vases and bowls from the shop were merged in the categories - Vases collection - and - Bowls collection -.