Customer service

Kruiskampsingel 89
5224 KD 's-Hertogenbosch

Telefoon: 0627405460

KvK-inschrijfnummer 17280042
Btw-nummer NL044546877B01 

ING-bank: t.n.v. Decocadeau te 's-Hertogenbosch
IBAN: NL96INGB0005062856


1 Service where we want to differentiate ourselves.
Fast Email processing.
By appointment you can (s) visited seven days a week and / or takeout.
Secure payment by Ideal, Bancontact / Mister Cash, Paypal, Sofort-Banking (Direct-Bank transfer).
Purchases are always supplied from stock, carefully and quickly made ready for shipping.
Extradition appearance one day after receiving the payment.
2 Ordering procedure.
You create an account or log in with your password on a current account.
Select an item to interest you now affects right of the photo a description to.

Left under the pictures shows the size and weight of the item.

Click the Add Style button, the item has been placed in the cart.

Click on Continue shopping and you come back into the shop.

You can easily also remove an item from your cart.

Click to checkout up on blue button.

Step by step guides you through that process, always with the option one step or multiple steps to go back there.

There is a choice of different payment methods, such as: Ideal, Bancontact / Mister Cash, Paypal, Sofort-Banking (Direct-Bank transfer).

Here too you will be incrementally backed by Mollie platform.

3 Order by bank transfer

With Sofort-banking you complete your order in a simple way with a direct banking transfer.

Sofort Banking: is a payment method which is available in 9 European countries and is very popular in Germany.

Sofort is based on the principle of a banking transfer. However, the customer only needs to verify the payment,
For example, just as with IDEAL. Data such as the amount, description and payee are already filled.
Sofort then make the payment. The payment is therefore simple and quick.

Sofort Banking is available from the following countries:
Netherlands - Germany - Austria - Switzerland - Belgium - France - Spain - Italy and Poland.

4 After your order

The purchases are carefully packaged and prepared for shipment.

An invoice is included in the package.

We offer the package in to PostNL and keep you informed of the shipment and track and trace number.

Fourteen days return policy. See the terms and conditions about it to the information block Shipping and Return info