Vase twisted, design of Joseph. Hospodka.

Pink crystal vase designed by Josef Hospodka for Chribska Glassworks.
SKU: 4066

Height         7.2 inch

Diameter     3.8 inch

Weight        1144 grams

Condition very good

In the years 1938-1940, Joseph Hospodka studied at the State School of Graphics in Prague and continued his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in the studio of Prof J. Holecek in the 1940s - 1945. Thereafter he was until 1952 lesson will give the professional glass school in Novy Bor, where he was head of the -geslepen glass. Hospodka further in the first half of the fifties as a manager continued his career in Chribska Glashutte. In 1958 he became a major designer at the national company Borske Sklo. In the 1960s to 1964 he was the director of this company. In the years 1970 - 1985 is Hospodka director of high school in the glass industry in Kamenicky Senov. And until his death in January 1989 he was an artist chribskeho crystals Novy Bor.