Murano glass

Murano Vintage Glass

A variety of vases, bowls, clowns, animals and mirrors. The Italian island of Murano is famous for its ancient glass arts and the specially designed glass techniques.

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Carlo Moretti glass vase.

Carlo Moretti, yellow and brown retro vase.

Shark sculpture of Murano crystal glass

A particularly fine work of art in a large format, executed by Murano Formia circa 1970. Particularly beautifully drawn glass object made of high quality transparent crystal glass from the series of Murano Formia zoo glass objects.

Lovebirds pink Luigi Onesto - Art Glass Murano.

Murano glass object Lovebirds in the color pink. Origin; Vetreria artistica Oball Murano glass, Luigi Onesto - Art Glass circa 1970. Equipped with an old original factory label with the text; made by Italy Murano.

Beautiful multicolor spatter glass vase.

Beautiful multicolor spatter glass vase with a blue base color.

Carlo Moretti green dish in satinato Murano glass.

Green scale of Carlo Moretti of Satinato Murano glass, the inside of the dish is made of white matted glass. The scale is originally labeled with the text "Carlo Moretti Murano Italia".

Ruby-red scale of Murano crystal glass.

Ruby red with green sommerso technique, scale of Murano crystal glass.

Murano glass, clowns lamp A. Seguso circa 1950.

Great Archimede Seguso Murano art glass clowns lamp, circa 1950. One of the four black baleen plates on the lamp glass has a damaging.

Murano clown lantern Seguso vintage.

Archimede Seguso art glass clown, Murano glass Murano object circa 1950. Rare and in perfect condition.

Murano vintage clown XL.

Murano clown large model with old label.

Water bird of hollow blown Murano glass.

Water bird blown Murano glass with beautiful colors and a dainty foot.

Murano duck, green with opal glass.

Murano duck green combined with white opal glass.

V. Nason & Co, Murano crystal horse head bust.

V. Nason & Co, Murano crystal horse head bust.

Murano red ashtray crystal.

Murano ashtray crystal.

Vincenzo Nason vase, Opaline de Venise.

Vincenzo Nason vase, Opaline de Venise.

Dolphin sculpture of Murano crystal glass.

Large Dolphin sculpture in color brown enclosed in clear crystal glass. Origin: Murano glass circa 1960.

Murano vase green.

Murano vase green.