New products

Chick from Goebel porcelain, Selim marked.

Goebel light green porcelain chick, Selim 32903 from 1984. Signature Goebel w. Germany 1984, Signed Selim.

Mandarin Goebel porcelain, Selim.

Goebel porcelain mandarin duck from 1986. The colors are orange, brown, blue, cream and black. The porcelain sculpture is marked Goebel W. Germany 1986, 3290499.

Goebel porcelain sculpture chow-chow 1987.

Chow-chow porcelain dog, hand-painted Selim for Goebel 1987. Signature Goebel w. Germany 1987 and numbered 30907.

Piqué Fleurs orange with white spots and blue stripes

Piqué Fleurs orange with white spots and blue stripes. The pique Fleurs is complete with a grid.

Art Glass vase in the colors cranberry with gold yellow.

Art Glass vase from the Bohemian Chribska glass factory in cranberry and gold yellow. Beautiful vase of clear crystal glass, a design by Josef Hospodka, Czechoslovakia circa 1960.

Vase of opaline glass in light blue / white.

Vase of opaline glass in light blue with an opal white base.

Vintage vase, La Rochère, France.

Vintage vase I executed green with blue glass. Enclosed in clear transparent glass. Marked at the bottom of: La Rochère, France.

Art Deco vase Franz Welz, lines and stains.

Bohemian vase with transparent lines and stains enclosed in clear glass, Franz Welz.

Sold: Art Deco orange vase with an oxblood red decor.

Special orange Art Deco vase with oxblood red decor.

Sold: Orange Art Deco stain vase Loetz - Kralik glass.

Orange Art Deco from 1910 in yellow, amethyst and orange spotted vase, Loetz - Kralik glass.

Green jug, vase Opaline Fiorentina, Italy

A large green jug enclosed in clear glass, from the series Opalina Fiorentina made in the years 1960-1970. A beautiful and rare item because of its shape, size and color. Origin: Stelvia glass factory from Empoli in Italy.

Tango glass vase Michael Powolny for Loetz Austria.

Tango glass vase Michael Powolny for Loetz Austria.

Franz Welz vase, lines and stains.

Franz Welz Art Deco vase technique of translucent lines and stains. Origin: Klostergrab Bohemia.

Booms glass wadding box.

Booms glass wadding box with a decoration of pink tinted ice glass and a faded gilded decoration.

Bohemian scale, stains decor Rückl glass factory.

Bohemian scale entirely in satin glass and executed in a stain decor. The two ears are made of translucent blue sating glass. Origin: Rückl glass factory.

Dolphin statue Murano Formia circa 1970.

Glass object of a jumping Dolphin in the waves. A work of art from the series of glass objects, executed by Murano Formia circa 1970. Particularly beautifully drawn glass object made of high-quality clear crystal glass with a hint of smoke color on the back and body.

Shark sculpture of Murano crystal glass

A particularly fine work of art in a large format, executed by Murano Formia circa 1970. Particularly beautifully drawn glass object made of high quality transparent crystal glass from the series of Murano Formia zoo glass objects.

White opaline Booms vase.

White opaline Booms vase.

Sold: Piqué Fleurs Czech Art Deco glass.

Czech Art Deco flower plug glass.

Bohemian satin spatter glass vase.

Bohemian satin spatter glass vase in the colors orange, white and green.

Sold: Bohemian Art Deco lattice and spots vase.

Two black glass wires run from the ears in a swirl to the top of the vase. This rare vase comes from the Bohemia and is composed of multi-layered glass. The inner layer is made of amber glass, the intermediate layer consisting of a decor spatter, and is finished with a clear transparent outer layer. The vase dates from circa 1910.