Pressed glass objects

Pressed glass objects

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Edward set of candlesticks, Luxval circa 1935.

Edward set Art Deco candlesticks Luxval pressed glass circa 1935.

Pink press glasses cover box Curt Schlevogt.

Czech Bohemian light pink cover box for design by Curt Schlevogt.

Cover dish with bunches of grapes of pressed glass.

Art Deco, cover dish with bunches of grapes pressed glass.

Glass object polar bears on ice floes, Karel Zentner.

Glass object of polar bears on ice floes designed by Charles Zentner circa 1930, manufactured by Feigl and Morawelz to Libochovice. The object is the combination of clear- with frosted glass.

Hound candy dish satin pressed glass.

Bonbon Dish with hound satin Art Deco pressed glass.

Cake plateau. Brockwitz Dresden circa 1915.

Pressed glass transparent cake plateau from the glass factory Brockwitz Dresden circa 1915.

Transparent Art Deco cake plateau.

Transparent Art Deco pressed glass cake plateau.

Art deco cake plateaur with blocks decor.

Art deco cake plateau transparent pressed glass blocks decor.

Pressed glass Art Deco candlestick.

Pressed glass Art Deco candlestick. Origin: Czechoslovakia.

Cake plateau of pressed glass with geometric decor.

Wonderful cake plateau in transparent pressed glass with geometric decor.

Candlestick Victoria set of two, Luxval 1935.

Set of two Art Deco candlesticks model Victoria in the color rosaline. Design by Charles Graffart for Luxval, part of Val Saint Lambert, circa 1935.

Sold: France la Rochere pressed glass ovate candy dish.

France la Rochre egg-shaped candy dish of iridescent glass.

Set of two candlesticks.

Art Deco set of two candlesticks in transparent clear pressed glass circa 1930.

Cover bowl, salmon Walther glass.

Cover bowl sunfish Walther pressed glass from the period 1920-1939.

Option: Liqueur set Karl Palda, Bohemian Art Deco.

Geometric cut liqueur set with six tumblers Karl palda, Bohemia Art Deco. The decanter has accumulated a small buts and one drinking glass has damage to the rim. (photo 4)