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Scales collection 

An overview of 29 Art Glass scales divided over the webshop, merged into the category "Scales collection".

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Victorian basket with pointed handle.

Victorian basket with pointed handle. Various shades of pink with green spatter glass enclosed in clear glass. Origin: Harrach, North Bohemia.

Bohemian red and white spatter glass basket.

Red and white Art Deco basket spatter glass. At marked the underside pontil. The handle of the basket is blue.

Green lid jar.

Green lid jar.

Bohemian scale, stains decor Rückl glass factory.

Bohemian scale entirely in satin glass and executed in a stain decor. The two ears are made of translucent blue sating glass. Origin: Rückl glass factory.

Scale of iridescent Bohemian glass.

Cream colored scale of iridescent glass, Bohemian.

Vintage bowl, design by Josef Hospodka.

Vintage-bowl object to design by Josef Hospodka for Chribska glasswork, Czechoslovakia.

Iridescent knuckle scale of Wilhelm Kralik.

Art Deco Knuckle scale on the outside a beautiful decoration of iridescent glass, in shades of orange, brown, cream. On the inside, the bowl is completely creamy of color and also iridescent with a translucent effect of the outside decor. The scale is een Tsjecho Slovakian- Bohemmian product from the years 1920/1930 by Wilhelm Kralik. The bowl has a cut pontil on the bottom.

Knuckle vase Bohemia Franz Welz 1920.

Knuckle Bohemia vase designed by Franz Welz circa 1920.

Sold: France la Rochere pressed glass ovate candy dish.

France la Rochre egg-shaped candy dish of iridescent glass.

Ruby-red scale of Murano crystal glass.

Ruby red with green sommerso technique, scale of Murano crystal glass.

Mtarfa bowl, pink with white mottled glass.

Mtarfa bowl in the colors pink with white spots, Malta glass.

Vintage crystal scale, pink, green and white.

Vintage crystal scale to design by Josef Hospodka for the Chribska glass factory circa 1960 Czech Bohemia. Very special sculpture scale in its shape as well as in its color scheme. The bright sparkling crystal is decorated with colored glass in pink, green and white.

Rhapsody ashtray, designed by F. Zemek.

Bohemian, vintage ashtray from the series Rhapsody designed by Frantisek Zemek for Mstisov.

Vintage bowl from the series Rhapsody, Mstisov.

Scale from the series Rhapsody designed by Frantisek Zemek, for Mstisov.

Cake plateau of pressed glass with geometric decor.

Wonderful cake plateau in transparent pressed glass with geometric decor.

Cake plateau. Brockwitz Dresden circa 1915.

Pressed glass transparent cake plateau from the glass factory Brockwitz Dresden circa 1915.

Transparent Art Deco cake plateau.

Transparent Art Deco pressed glass cake plateau.

Hound candy dish satin pressed glass.

Bonbon Dish with hound satin Art Deco pressed glass.

Brockwitz fruit bowl, F. Scheiner circa 1941.

Brockwitz Art Deco clear pressed glass fruit bowl with handles dolphin, designed by Friedrich Scheiner.

Cover bowl white pressed glass.

White pressed glass cover bowl.

Pink press glasses cover box Curt Schlevogt.

Czech Bohemian light pink cover box for design by Curt Schlevogt.

Cover bowl, salmon Walther glass.

Cover bowl sunfish Walther pressed glass from the period 1920-1939.

Boat scale Davidson cloud pressed glass, 1935.

Boat scale of the firm George Davidson & Co .. Produced in the period 1930 and 1940.

Murano bowl processed with silver clips.

Murano bowl with silver fragments in the glass.

Mdina scale pink spotted with blue glass thread.

Mdina bowl pink spotted with blue glass thread. The scale is labeled "Mdina" at the bottom. The current label represents the store where the scale was purchased at the time.

Carlo Moretti green dish in satinato Murano glass.

Green scale of Carlo Moretti of Satinato Murano glass, the inside of the dish is made of white matted glass. The scale is originally labeled with the text "Carlo Moretti Murano Italia".

Art deco cake plateaur with blocks decor.

Art deco cake plateau transparent pressed glass blocks decor.

Fish scales set of eight Arcoroc France.

The Arcoroc France glass fish scales set is made from tempered glass and smooth on the inside. All parts of the set are marked with ARCOROC FRANCE.