Vase max Verboeket orange and bleu.

Vase Max Verboeket orange and blue swirls. The vase has been etched -Ceniko- on the underside. On the abdomen, the vase in one place single punch spots.
SKU: 4618

Height      11.6 inch

Diameter    2.9 inch

Weight  1041 grams

Condition .... At the belly the vase has some damage spots in one place ..... The sales price has been adjusted accordingly.

Max Verboeket was chief designer at the Kristalunie in Maastricht in the period 1954-1972.
Max Verboeket was next to his designs for cut crystal tableware particularly well known for the so-called -kristalunieken-, one-time exported glass objects in individual, erratic and expressive forms, colored glass as wires which are included in the objects.