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An overview of 205 Art Glass vases divided over the webshop, merged into the -Vases Collection-.

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Art Deco multicolor splash glass vase.

Art Deco multicolor splash glass vase of multilayer glass. In the colors orange, blue, olive green and mustard. The vase's inner layer is white.

Art Deco vase Franz Welz, lines and stains.

Bohemian vase with transparent lines and stains enclosed in clear glass, Franz Welz.

Art Deco vase of malachite pressed glass.

Bohemian Art Deco vase of malachite pressed glass from the Ingrid series. Decorated vineyard with six naked women. Pressed malachite glass on a phased polished pedestal. Origin: Bohemia circa 1930 Curt Schlevogt Gablonz.

Slim stylish Art Deco vase, model American.

A hexagonal stylish press glass vase of Luxval, circa 1935.

Art Deco, special vase of fine spatter glass.

Vase of mini spatter glass in the colors yellow, orange, black and blue. The vase has an overlay of transparent glass only on the inside.

Art Nouveau flora -fauna set van drie stuks.

Art Nouveau, hand painted black glass vases flora fauna set of three.

Art Nouveau finely mottled and iridescent vase.

Art Nouveau translucent, finely mottled and iridescent vase with a decoration of colored strings of mainly yellow, orange and light gray.

Ball vase in the colors, blue with brown / red.

Ball vase in the colors, blue with brown / red the vase is made of multilayer glass of which the inside is made of white glass. Design of Wilhelm Kralik Czech Bohemia.

Belgian chalice vase in fumé color.

Belgian chalice vase of doyen glass in the color fumé.

Blue, white, orange Florence vase Italy 1970.

Large Italian Florence vase circa 1970. Opaline glass in the colors blue, orange and white.

Flower plug green translucent spatter glass.

Flower plug green translucent glass with red spatters.

Bohemian satin spatter glass vase.

Bohemian satin spatter glass vase in the colors orange, white and green.

Bohemian glass object performed by Josef Cvrcek.

Artistic Czech Bohemian lemon colored glass object for design by Miloslav Klinger and performed by Josef Cvrcek for Zelezny Brod (ZBS) circa 1960.

Bohemian orange Tango glass vase.

Bohemian orange Tango glass vase with a black imposed wire glass at the top.

Bohemian piqué Fleurs orange tango glass.

Piqué fleurs Bohemian tango glass, complete with flower plug.

Bohemian ruby Egermann vase etched decoration.

Bohemian ruby red vase with an etched decoration.

Bohemian vase orange, black swirl.

Bohemian vase orange decorated with black glass spiral wire.

Bolle vase in the color fumé,

Bolle vase with air bubble in the glass, color fumé manufactured at the Doyen glass factory.

Spherical optical vase, color amethyst.

Spherical optical blown vase in amethyst color, Doyen glass.

Booms vase model Brigitte.

Booms vase of Hyalite glass model Brigitte.

Booms vase model Madeleine, white opaline glass.

Booms vase model Madeleine, white opaline twisted glass.

Booms vase number 80 hyaliet glass.

Booms black glass vase number 80 with gilt decoration.

Brown / beige / white, Florence vase of opaline glass.

Brown / beige / white, Florence vase of Italian opaline glass.

Decorative Murano stain vase

Decorative Murano ear vase. Mottled in the colors orange, yellow and white glass.

Bluish vase designed by Tamara Aladin.

Bluish design vase designed by Tamara Aladin, circa 1965. At the bottom of the vase numbered 1375 and a fine Riihimäki glass baking stamp. Also an original factory label with the text Riihimäki Suomi Finland

Large fat belly vase of Doyen glass.

Large fat belly vase of Doyen glass in amethyst color.

Doyen glass optically blown amethyst vase.

Doyen vase of amethyst colored glass with a vertical optic. The vase is decorated with a decoration of pewter flora batter Eugene Ory from about 1935. The vase is marked with the swan of Eugene Ory pewter factory from Belgium.

Emanuel Beranek for Skrdlovice vase circa 1955.

Art Glass vase in clear transparent crystal - Glass with a slight yellow hue and around whimsically drawn lobes. Designed by Emanuel Beranek for the Skrdlovice glass factory from Czechoslovakia in 1955.

Aseda cylinder vase Bo Borgstrom sixties.

Scandinavian cylinder vase dimpled thick bottom. Origin: Enerijda glass factory from 1956, Sweden.

Florence Retro vase of opaline glass.

Italian Florence Retro vase of opaline glass in the colors brown, orange and white.

Florence vase, Opaline glass.

Florence vase, Opaline glass in the colors blue, orange, red and white.

Franz Welz set of two hexagon vases.

Two Bohemian hexagon vases of three-layer glass. The inside of a vase consists of opal white glass. The intermediate layer is a multicolor spotted glass layer. All this enclosed in clear transparent glass. Origin: design Franz Welz for Klostergrab Bohemia, Czechoslovakia.

Vase twisted, design of Joseph. Hospodka.

Pink crystal vase designed by Josef Hospodka for Chribska Glassworks.

Twisted vase green Josef Hospodka.

Green crystal vase designed by Josef Hospodka, for Chribska Glassworks.

Pinched Murano vase in the color green.

Pinched Murano vase in transparent green, circa 1960.

Ribbed ball foot vase in white pastel glass.

Franz Welz; Vase with three ribbed balls, a long elegant neck with a scalloped upper edge. Artful item in Victorian style of white pastel glass on an amber colored tripod base.